selected works


The Vault by With/out Pretend, On Pleasure 


personal essay recounting experiences with trauma, survival strategies, and re-discovering pleasure 


Ephemera Magazine, No. 5 The Power Issue (print)

“A Map to Transformation: Revisiting Audre Lorde's 'The Uses of the Erotic'”

reflections on Lorde's 1978 work​ and what it offers towards 'empowerment'

Koffler.Digital: Some|Where

“Resisting Fictions”

essay exploring the experience of diasporic identity and immigrant accountability in a settler-colonial nation

Ephemera Magazine, No. 3 The Food Issue (print)

“Tasting Care”

personal essay considering the role of food within community care and food as a mode of healing

cléo: a journal of film and feminism

“The prettiest prettiest girl”: Complex Beauty in Gia

examining Michael Cristofer's 1998 biopic on the model Gia Carangi and the film's depiction of her relationship to femininity and beauty


Noisey (VICE)

Casey Mecija and Lido Pimienta Explain the “Contradictions of Multiculturalism” in Canada    

speaking to Mecija and Pimienta following a panel discussion on the experience of  being a racialized performer in Canada

Retrospective Reviews: A Tribe Called Red’s ‘ATCR’  

looking back on A Tribe Called Red's debut album

Lido Pimienta Takes Control   

getting to know Lido Pimienta, her methods and ethos, as she works on her album 'La Papessa'

The Innis Herald

Standing Tall -- Enforcing Masculinity at the Bata Shoe Museum

review of the exhibit and its representation of men's history with the high-heeled shoe

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